"∞ (Mugen) bubble wrap" I pleasantly crushed bubble wraps pleasure

I mentioned earlier, I was able to borrow a dreamy toy "∞ (Mugen) bubble wrap" from Bandai that can crush the "bubble wrap" forever as long as the battery has, so I tried to touch it.

How comfortable do you feel?

Details are as below.
The size is the palm size. Button is smaller than ordinary bubble wrap.

Because it has a chain, it becomes a key chain.

The back side where sound comes out.

I tried repeatedly hitting. In ordinary "bubble wrap", heart shaped grains are included at a rate of 1 in about 10,000 pieces, so that it is supposed to have a strange sound at a rate of once in about 100 times.

Since it is not compatible with simultaneous pushing, it is regrettable that the sound only goes out once when pressing multiple buttons. Although ordinary "bubble wrap" can also be crushed from the side, "∞ petit petit" on the structure is a specification that does not produce sound unless the button is pushed from directly above.

Variety of variations of "strange sound" is interesting, the material which puffed in the button part is also pleasant so I will be hit repeatedly, but because the elasticity of the button is slightly stronger and the hand gets tired unexpectedly, "I heard a strange sound People who think that "Kurou" is better to train hands from now.

The expected release date is September 22 and the price is 819 yen. From the official website below you can see also an image movie through which a dedicated song flows.

∞ (む ん ん) bubble wrap

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