"Colorware" which sends home appliances such as iPod and PS3 as original colors

Even though there are some color variations, it is a service that will rework home appliances and game machines that you must choose from among the companies that basically come out with their favorite colors. Even if you can select from up to 29 colors and you do not have a body to receive the color yet, it seems to procure the main body if you pay with additional fee.

Details are as below.
Colorware Products Including iPods, iMacs and Dells.

You can try any combination of colors from Design and Buy.



Xbox 360.




Even iMac will paint.

Images of people actually using the service are as follows.

Macenstein »Macenstein Archive» Sweeet ... I got my ColorWare iPhone!

IPhone painted with Envy and Carbon.

The dock is also beautifully painted.

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