The higher IQ, the higher the rate of sexual intercourse

To be precise, it was confirmed that the tendency of sexual intercourse experiences decreases when IQ is too high or too low. Is there something wrong with it if it is not moderate level IQ ...?

In addition to IQ, there is also an interesting graph that surveyed virginity / virginity rate by subject major. Apparently sexual intercourse inequality rate seems to be overwhelmingly high in science and mathematics.

Detailed graph is from the following.
Slashdot | Smarter Teens Have Less Sex

Gene Expression: Intercourse and Intelligence

According to "Gene Expression", the following tendency seems to be seen in the survey results of high school students.

IQ 70 or lower: 63.3% inexperienced
IQ 70 ~ 90: 50.2% inexperienced
IQ 90 to 110: 58.6% inexperienced
IQ 110 or higher: 70.3% inexperienced

It seems that this rate is actually almost the same as the crime rate. Even if IQ is too low or too high, the crime rate is also declining as with this sexual intercourse experience rate.

Moreover, not only sexual intercourse but experience rate such as having kissing experience and having connected hand with opposite sex decreases with higher IQ.

And this tends to continue even after high school days, students who chose major subjects in biological science and mathematics have an unprecedented rate of 83%, a biological majors of subjects seems to feel like 72%, predominantly based on mathematical systems High IQ students who chose subjects seem to have a high inexperience rate.

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