It seems that you can buy ownership of a beautiful island in the South Pacific for about 40 million yen

Located in the South Pacific, the Fiji Islands consist of more than 1000 islands, of which 322 are the size that people can live in. Actually people live in 106 islands, and the remaining 216 is uninhabited for reasons such as being separated from other islands and having no fresh water. In such circumstances, ownership of one island is put on sale. The price is 250 thousand euros (about 40 million yen) and I do not know well whether it is affordable or not.

Details are as follows.
FIDSCHI - INSEL - 90 Hektar - Blue Lagoon Island Resort - (item 140123811370 end time Aug - 28 - 0 0 07: 22: 47 PDT)

This is Blue Lagoon Island on sale.

The size of the island is 225 acres (about 900,000 square meters), the shape is long and narrow, surrounded by coral reefs. Thanks to that, the current of the tide is gentle, the water temperature is around 27 degrees per year, and it seems that it is becoming the ideal environment for marine sports. The water is very clear and can be seen as far as 200 feet (about 60 m).

The resort development in the island is completed in 80%, planned to be completed in half a year to nine months. It seems that we can have 21 villa groups with white sand beach. Although the owner of the current island seems to have purchased it in 1994, I am sending a message saying "There is no infrastructure on Blue Lagoon Island and it is inconveniently inconvenient!" When purchasing this island, it seems that the principal does not live as a villa but manages a resort facility by lending a villa here, for example.

I saw it from an airplane.

It is a pretty finished villa.

Although it seems to have just stopped the development plan on the way ....

Equipped with oil reserves facilities.

In Fiji and Australia there seems to be quite a lot of islands that are sold like Blue Lagoon Island. An actor'sMarlon BrandOwned and owned the Titaroa Atoll of Tahiti for $ 80 million (about 9.5 billion yen)Mel GibsonI also purchased Fiji's Mago Island for $ 15 million (about 1.8 billion yen). It looks quite a bargain compared to those, but is this cheap ...?

A beautiful evening.

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