"Web Trend Map 2007 Version 2.0" which made the famous site of the net a subway route map style

Last versionIn this version 2 which was powered up from this time, sites such as Japan, Germany and China are also added, the color of each route map is further classified by genre, the weather forecast mark is the reputation of each site, The figure has become a feeling like "Web 2.0", "Web 1.0", etc. It is quite practical.

A PDF version that can be printed from huge images such as 1600 × 1024, as well as online versions and screen saver versions are also available this time.

Download from below.
Information Architects Japan >> iA Notebook >> Web Trend Map 2007 Version 2.0

1. 1600 × 1024
2. 1440 × 900
3. 1024 × 768
4. A3 / PDF

Online version is from the following. Clicking on it will make it fly to that site properly. Currently, we are looking for sponsors of advertisement space to be displayed at the bottom left of this page, and it seems that we can buy it for 10 frames in total and $ 2000 per frame. We already said that Microsoft showed interest.

IA Web Trendmap 2007

The screensaver version for Mac OS X is from the following.

IA Webtrend Map Screensaver (OSX)

Note that this map itselfCreative CommonsIt is provided with the license. Next week, the author is planning to produce A2 size poster version about 2000 pieces, which will be sold for 25 dollars a piece. Is it sold out? It is quite an interesting map, but ... ....

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