Asahi "Melon Melon Squash" is melon syrup flavor of shaved ice

Asahi Beverage bought "Melon Melon Squash" which is on sale from July 3, and tried drinking it. Although it looked quite colorful, I did not know which one was a melon squash, but it was certainly a melon squash when I drank it.

Details are as follows.
Asahi Beverage | News Release 2007 | "Asahi Age Melon Squash" New Release

The color is not green like melon soda because it is not using synthetic coloring matter or preservatives.

I can tell that it is quite a tight carbonate.

When poured into a glass, it smells a slightly sweet melon. I do not know exactly which part is a melon squash, but when you drink it surely tastes melon. It is not like a taste like melon soda, it feels like a syrup of melon taste of shaved ice made carbonated drink. It may be just right on a hot day.

by the way,White cider melonThere was also something to say, but does everyone want to drink melon drinks in the summer?

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