RSS Icon Standardization Project "Feed Icons"

Although the RSS icon of the image above and the RSS icon adopted in Firefox, the purpose of "Feed Icons" is to spread this as an RSS icon standard, that is, standard one. Already on Microsoft's next Windows VistaRSS icon of "Internet Explorer 7"It is decided to adopt it as well, and it is becoming the de facto standard icon.

Also, the original icon material is also distributed, and it is possible to use GIF / PNG / JPEG images of various sizes, Photoshop format images, EPS format, Illustrator format, SVG format, PDF format The icon material is stuffed up. The size also comes in standard from 10 × 10 to 128 × 128. By doing this, it is easy to make colors different, even if the design is the same.

Download from the following site.
Feed Icons - Help establishment the new standard

An RSS icon packing pack of 2.12 MB can be downloaded from the above site. Also, as a future schedule, we will also create a mechanism that everyone can freely upload images customized based on this RSS icon.

By the way GIGAZINE also adopts RSS icon based on this icon. This is already customized, it is slightly brighter than the standard, and it feels that the gloss is slightly contained. You can download from the following site.

Feed icon template | Bartelme Design

So, it is also worthwhile to distribute customized RSS icons as part of your site's content.

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