Cat's movie being chased by a large number of puppies

Welsh Corgi cardigans six weeks old are trying to bear with a crowd trying to play with a cat. The cat is trying to drive away boldly, but it seems I can not do anything wrong with many people.

Details are as below.
Once she retreats on the shelf, it will appear again around 3 minutes and 27 seconds. As I was being chased after all, I decided to escape immediately. The cat's fugitive play will start again around 5 minutes and 45 seconds.
YouTube - Herding the cat at 6 weeks old

A cat that is caught by puppies of Jack Russell Terrier.
YouTube - Cat Herding # 1

Cat catching up with the golden retriever puppies.
YouTube - Puppies & amp; Cat

A cat that does not let the puppies get close to by intimidation by cries.
YouTube - Puppies vs Cat (Cute)

If it is 1: 1 it seems to be able to fight off with a feline punch.
YouTube - Corgi teases cat

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