Osaka Minami, I have explored "Dotonbori Polar Branch Shopping District" located in Dotonbori

In the previous articleOn the face of Osaka Minami, I walked familiar Dotonbori with a signboard on GlicoHowever, this time, there is a retro atmosphere food theme park in Dotonbori "Dotonbori Amusement (Gaku) Shopping districtI decided to walk down.

In the retro atmosphere food theme park that reproduced the streets of Osaka from the late Taisho era to the early Showa era, it is expected that it has a famous shop that offers super huge parfait and so on.

Details are as follows.
Admission is 315 yen for adults and 210 yen for primary school students. It seems that people living in Osaka, or those with school or work in Osaka are entrance fee free only on weekdays.

You get this brochure as you enter inside.

Inside is settled with IC card instead of cash.

If you lose it you may be charged 10,000 yen.

I tried walking at once.

Where it is made to look dirty on purpose, the place is amazing.

The fifth floor to the seventh floor of the building are "Dotonbori Polar Branch Store Street", so we use the stairs to move inside.

I am afraid of my eyes.

The guide map looks something like this.

A strip was decorated for the Tanabata Festival.

It seems to be TRiCK Bar.

The cards are glued and stuck. This is not a trick.

Where there are such posters and posters in some places is hated.

When I got up to the 7th floor, I went to the open space. It is becoming a night shop style

The atmosphere is out.

The sign of "Parlor Columbia".

I tried entering the back of the aisle.

This is "Parlor Columbia".

What sort of extraordinary size of parfait? I can see ....

I never tried to enter inside. On the wall there are photos and menus with old challengers.

"Jumbo Pfa Fuji in Japan" seems to be 9800 yen.

A lot of samples are placed. Is it the disturbance that any of them looks huge? And you can see a huge silhouette in the upper part.

This is the Tsutenkaku. It is 1200 yen.

Cake Sunday is 1000 yen. looks delicious.

A sample of "Jumbo Pfever Mt. Fuji in Japan". A man who asked me seems to be hard to eat ... and when I look at a sample of Mt. Fuji like someone else's voice, the editor-in chief asked me "Mt. Fuji" behind. A shudder ran in editorial staff.

It was this being put on the table saying "I have kept you waiting". Who eats it ...? Incidentally, the middle column is 5 liters of vanilla ice.

That's why I tried it with four editorial staff. Fuji, a super huge parfait with 5 liters of vanilla ice cream, can you fully eat it? It will be published tomorrowJapan's huge parfait, challenging to Colombia's "Mt. Fuji"Please look forward to it.

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