The duck's toy goes through the Arctic Ocean from the Pacific Ocean to the UK

A duck of duck toy falling in the Pacific Ocean from a cargo ship in January 1992. Some of them passed through the Arctic Ocean, and it is said that they are about to arrive at the UK at last. The duck fleet's news occasionally came out as if I remembered it, but it seems I had not arrived yet.

Details are as follows.
Plastic duck armada is heading for Britain after 15-year global voyage - Times Online

Originally made in China's factory, a plastic duck's toy for a bath that was supposed to be carried by ship from Hong Kong to America. A container filled with it started a long journey as it fell into the sea after encountering a storm in the Pacific on January 29, 1992.

It seems that there were 30,000 toys at the very beginning, 2/3 flowed to the south and eventually flowed to the beaches of Indonesia, Australia and South America. The remaining 10,000 proceeded to the north and reached Alaska by the end of that year. From there it was flushed again to the west, for about three years it hurried in the eastern part of Japan, then again to the north. By the time we passed through the Bering Strait, many had stranded or dropped off.

About eight years after the journey began, the appearance of the duck became visible in the North Pacific, and in 2003 it appeared on the east coast of the United States. First Years has decided to give a bounty of 50 pounds ($ 100: about 12,000 yen) for each duck's toy. It seems that the duck has already turned white due to strong sunlight and sea water, and among collectors it is trading at a price of 500 pounds (about 120,000 yen).

Although sighting information has been decreasing in the past two years, oceanographers think that next will appear in the southwest of England or south of Ireland, west of Scotland. How much duck can we reach in the UK?

The article below is when the toy was found in Alaska in 1994. It is anticipated that between 2000 and 2005 this time it will flow to Britain, France, Iceland, and so on.

SUNDAY, DECEMBER 18, 1994; Odyssey of the Ducks - New York Times

Here is the news that toys on the east coast arrived in 2003.

Rubber duckies tracked on ocean currents

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