Ten animals and organisms with terrible power, risking life if turned to enemies

If you turn it to an enemy, such as ferocious temper and strong poison, this life is a dangerous animal and living thing. First of all, we do not pass each other in town, but we do not want to stimulate it even if you see it somewhere.

Details are as follows.
LiveScience.com: Top 10 Deadliest Animals

# 10:Yadokuda frog

Poison dart frog on Flickr - Photo Sharing!By khosey 1

As its name suggests, frogs that give neurotoxicity from their backs to protect themselves from predators. You can use it for hunting if you poison the gruffs, so it has become such a name. Since this poison is taken in predating ants, it seems that it can also be raised so that it does not have poison with human hands. It is a fairly powerful poison, it seems to contain enough toxins to kill 10 people. It is distributed from the south of North America to South America. If you see it you can not touch it.

No. 9:Cape Buffalo

Cape Buffalo - Rhino & Lion NR on Flickr - Photo Sharing!By Hannes Thirion

Since Buffalo is a herbivorous animal, it is usually a collective action with dozens of heads or more, but it seems that the older male becomes solemn and the temper becomes rough. Although the natural enemy is a lion, it seems that it may be killed and killed as well. It is dangerous to be in the direction of travel of the Buffalo herd.

# 8:Polar bears

Wink ;-) on Flickr - Photo Sharing!By * Micky *

In summer, a polar bear who sees a figure holding ice at a zoo looks like a cute animal somehow. However, the blows delivered from their limbs are powerful, carnivorous animals that make giant elephant seals etc as food (grass etc. are also eaten so strictly omnivorous beasts).

No. 7:elephant

Big guys on Flickr - Photo Sharing!By Wildcaster

It is an elephant who is eccentric, but it is very dangerous to trampler that sharp tusk and weight. It seems that 500 or more people die annually by elephants.

No. 6:Ilieva

200120 049 australian saltwater crocodile on Flickr - Photo Sharing!By willewonker

An iris crocodile storms as if waiting in the water like a log and attacking it. Temperance is very rough and fears as an eating crocodile, and it seems that victims are appearing like every year.

No. 5:Lion

Inkanya relaxing on Flickr - Photo Sharing!By V. Mason

Known King of Beasts. They have big fangs, sharp nails, and agile movements, and if they meet we only pray that the lion is not hungry.

No. 4:White shark shark

Great White Shark - South Africa on Flickr - Photo Sharing!By neoshark

Hojo shark shark (White shark shark) who became famous as a man-eating shark at the movie "Jaws". It cuts meat with the power of sharp teeth and powerful jaws that are arranged in three rows.

No. 3:Hub Kage

Box JellyFish on Flickr - Photo Sharing!By Cozalcoalt

Because the body color is blue, it is hard to find in the sea, and the movement speed is also fast, so it seems that there are many damage. It has more than 60 tentacles of 4 m or more in length, and that toxin seems to kill more than 60 people.

No. 2:Cobra

Indian Cobra on Flickr - Photo Sharing!By yadavop

Although King Cobra is the biggest serpent, it seems that Indian Cobra (Asian Cobra) is the most damaged. It lives in India's waterside and agricultural lands, and it seems that about 10,000 people are suffering each year.

The first place:mosquito

Male Mosquito on Flickr - Photo Sharing!By Janice LeBlanc / Minouzers

The one most familiar to me is this one. The season from now is a mosquito that will be annoyed all night, but it is a medium for various infectious diseases, and in JapanJapanese encephalitisIt is famous for mediating. It seems that 2 million people die each year due to mosquitoes.

Although it is not on the list, the damage caused by bears and bees every year in Japan is news.

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