An enthusiastic anti-Christian believer's car decorated with goths and goths

Since the decoration such as the statue of Jesus Christ is a car that was made to such extent as this, it seems that it is the opposite of a frankly Christian believer's car, apparently the opposite.

A phrase that affirms evolution theory is often decorated contrary to the idea of ​​Christianity, but some cars in which illustrations of animation characters etc. are drawnPain carThere is something that goes to.

Details are as follows.
It is decorated with gothic texture.

It is seen from behind. If you look closely it is a sticker written "JESUS".

Viewed from the other side. Yellow and purple striped patterns are not gentle to the eyes.

front. If such a car is running on the opposite lane, I will watch eyes.

A sticker written about evolution theory.

I tried approaching the hood. What is this ...?

There is a sticker with the words of Gandhi written, but I am concerned about the logo "Jesus inside" at the filler opening than that.

I oppose the death penalty. He said that "Look at what has happened to Christ."

Most of the statues of Christ and monkeys and bananas are on the roof.

It is very confusing ....

It is a difficult car if I go in front of the church. In addition, the original picture is on the following link.

I've found the Vash-mobile. - ClemsonTALK - Clemson University Forums

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