A computer animation movie made in 1985

It is a movie of animation which is running with a personal computer which was made over 20 years ago. If it is a personal computer now, Flash animation and high-quality movie files can also be moved, but it seems that at that time it did not work.

Details are as below.
The computer you are usingApple IIe. The main memory is only 64 KB.
YouTube - Jim's Demo Film

About this animation There is an article posted in Cinemagic Magazine back then at Flickr.
Flickr Photos from jsl 151850 b

A computer animation created in the Soviet Union in 1967, nearly 20 years ago.
YouTube - UP - The Kitte - 1967 Computer Animation

Scanline's movie announced last year at SIGGRAPH which is said to be the world's largest and best CG festival. I understand how advanced the current technology has advanced.
YouTube - Scanline Flowline VFX

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