How is the true taste of cucumber-flavored "Pepsi Ice Cucumber"?

I bought it actually and bought it and it tried drinking, what is the taste of what is called "Pepsi Ice Cucumber", a mysterious drink called CORA + cucumber released today. Do they really taste of cucumber? It is a general expectation to say that it becomes a taste like "cucumber + sweet thing = melon", is it?

The ending of the shivering is from the following. There is also a movie this time.
Cucumber taste cola "Pepsi Ice Cucumber" released - GIGAZINE

"Pepsi Ice Cucumber" limited release for a while
- The combination of cola and cucumber is new,
Refreshing Pepsi appears worldwide -

Once it is limited release from today. With the exquisite balance of stimulation of carbonate unique to cola and flavor that smells faintly, the liquid color of emerald green seems to produce a refreshing feeling. Is it true?

The package also says "surprising combination", it has become a strange feeling that mixed expectation and anxiety

Looking at the raw materials, there is no such thing as "cucumber juice". It seems that cucumbers are used as fragrance.

Fruit-free juice ... ... The one with unease gradually won

I will peel off the package. I feel a little uneasy about the emerald green liquid that is too shabby.

There is considerable transparency

So, I made a note, I tried pouring, Shuwashuu ~

I was at school.Albose soapIt seems like this was such a color ......

The scent is stinky indeed, certainly cucumber-like

It looks like a refreshing color


Although it is an impression that I tried drinking ... ... It is not a cucumber .... The taste of something obviously different ...... The aftertaste is like a cool mint toothpaste, and if you are told cucumber somehow it does not feel like that Although it is not, although it does not have preliminary knowledge, if it drinks it is certainly different from the taste ... It is such a taste. Mixed with the strange odor of the aftertaste, it was like an "odorous mint taste cola" atmosphere. It is not at all a melon taste, it is not the taste of the blue Hawaiian line. It is a kind of taste that should be said to be a distinctive "strange", this is. However, because the color is quite amazing, it is probably not the best way to drink while talking cacher as everyone else.

As I go on with this, purple Pepsi will come next.

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