Free software "LS Maker" to create a movie to wield a lightsaber

Movie posting sharing site such as YouTube has a mountain lightsaber movie. Everything is also pretty high quality, but I have made use of expensive editing software such as Adobe Premier and Adobe Photoshop and Adobe After Effects etc, so even if I wanted to make it for a general user, the software did not arrive at all in the first place.

However, overseas had someone who caught up and made free software specialized only to create a movie that wields the lightsaber. The name of that software seems to stand for "LSMaker" and "The LightSaber Maker program".

So, the explanation of downloading and how to make it actually is as follows.
LSMaker's homepage - The LightSaber Maker program

You can download from the above page. It can handle AVI files, BMP · JPEG images, etc., AVISynth script can also be used. You can create lightsaber of various colors, you can freely choose brightness, width and length. Effects are also possible when lightsabers collide with each other, even real-time preview function is installed. It's too amazing.

The actual blog posts are described in detail in the following blog postings in detail.

How to make your own Star Wars lightsaber movie with free software only: I am a developing engineer

In addition, free software such as "LSSound" which edits the sound of the lightsaber and "LSText" which creates credits flowing in the back of the Star Wars style screen are also published on the page of this "LSMaker" author. I feel love.

LS Sound


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