"Cha-Cha-le!" To write flowing comments like Nico Nico Doubles directly on the page

The other day I wrote "You can forcibly comment on a site that can not comment Net service "MOOOS"Although I just wrote comments, there was a huge net service that the comment was written directly on the page like a Nico Nico video and scrolled from the right to the left and then flowed one after another. That name is "Cha-Cha-le! (Chacare!)"It seems that there are quite a lot of interesting things to do, such as chuck marklets for quickly writing comments and buttons for attaching to blogs.

Let's see evidence from the thesis, seeing what is actually like, in fact for the time being.
Cha-Cha-le! (Chacare!)

For an example click here

What it is, it is exactly what it is like "Nico Nico Web" feeling.

First paste the address you want to write, click "Watch"

After entering the word you want to write, click "Write"

Then it becomes like this

Also, you can paste the button image dedicated for this function to the blog from the following page.

Cha-Cha-le! - Chocare on the blog! Let's set up

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