You can forcibly comment on a site that can not comment Net service "MOOOS"

For a site that wants to comment but does not have a comment field, a rather challenging service has emerged that comments can be made simply by copying and pasting the address of that site. Its name is "MOOOS - Open message boards - β" (Morse). Membership registration is unnecessary and anyone can use it immediately. Comments on each site can also be obtained via RSS, and there are also bookmarklets, so it is possible to immediately attach comments to the sites you care about.

Actual usage is as follows.
MOOOS - Open message boards - β

First enter the address of the site or page where you wish to write a comment

Next I write a comment

Finally, if you select "Positive" or "Negative" and click on it

It will automatically go to the comment display page. You can also get RSS from here.

This service was produced by Web Shark Co., Ltd. which performs wholesale affiliate and drop shipping business, and Catwalk Co., Ltd. which performs power blog and CMS service. It is a research service of the technical teams of both companies and there is no prospect of any profit.

But, if you write libelous wrote etc. about each site, what about the deletion method ...? Judgment of management ... ...? At the moment there was no FAQ about that. It may be turned into a good service in the future maintenance itself.

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