Both Windows Vista and Windows XP have similar security risks

Wuri of Windows Vista is "security" and there is circumstance that it took off to say that it abandoned many of the innovative functions expected for that, yet Windows Vista and Windows XP still have security risks As it is, it seems that it will not be changed so much as it is ... ... Anyhow.

Details are as follows.
Windows Vista no more secure than XP: report

Review: Vista, XP Users Equal At Peril To Viruses, Exploits - Software - IT Channel News by CRN and VARBusiness

We investigated CMP Media Inc., an industry magazine for technology and builder, CRN Test Center, a division of CRN. According to the survey results, Windows Vista has many security holes and security tools even though it has many layers of security structures and security tools, according to the survey results which are pretty tightly tested Thing. Nonetheless, since Windows Vista has anti-virus software from the beginning, it is not / so it will be brittle when inspected in its raw state ... ....

Once,Windows DefenderYaUser Account Control (UAC)Although there are mechanisms such as a mechanism such as UAC, although it works fine in a verified result, Windows Defender seems to have a thorough through, so be careful. Internet Explorer 7 is not as bad as IE 6 of XP with default, but there is still possibility that breakthrough will be over, and anxiety remains. However, Internet Explorer 7 has "Protected modeBecause there is such a thing, in that sense security seems to be improving than before.

In other words, Vista is not dependent on the default setting, but at the present time it is quite strengthened depending on the setting. In this way it will be said that it is not much different from the current XP and default ... .... People who have already purchased Vista and are already using it is not "okay so it is Vista", so even if it is Vista it is necessary to properly consider security according to how you use it.

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