"CALPIS Fruity Cafe Calpis Kiwi & Lemon" is a super sawayaka

"CALPIS Fruity Cafe" Calpis Kiwi & Lemon "which was released on May 28 (Monday) yesterday was in the convenience store, so I bought it and drank it. It has a good compatibility with Calpis, it is only a matter of choosing the material that fits the summer, it has become a very savory taste.

Details are as below.
Refreshing taste suitable for early summer with fruit and yoghurt added to "Calpis"
"CALPIS Fruity Cafe Calpis Kiwi & Lemon" New Release

There is an explanation in the package.

Besides Calpis there are kiwi, lemon and yoghurt.

Fruit juice is 1%, but kiwi and lemon are batch-warming.

The design of the cap is also different from Calpis Water.

The contents are somewhat white and muddy green.

You can see things like Calpis, even if they are colored.

For the taste, the sweetness of kiwi and the sourness of lemon are well blended with the distinctive yoghurt sourness, and you can enjoy sweet and sour plum. When drinking Calpis Water, the protein of milk remains in the mouth, which makes it feel gritty, but the kiwi & lemon people do not become such a thing as it is becoming a drink mouth refreshing and it is exactly a drink that is perfect for the summer It was.

IncidentallyCalpis CafeIn addition, there are various other recipes that used Calpis, but if the sales of kiwi & lemon are highSoy milk wasabi CalpisYaEdami CalpisOr may it be possible to be commercialized?

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