How to transfer large amounts of data efficiently

For example, when it is necessary to exchange data exceeding 1 TB (1 Terabyte = 1000 GB) between companies or between individuals, what is the best transfer method?

Here is one interesting answer.

Details are as follows.
Royal Pingdom >> FedEx still faster than the internet

According to this article, if 1 TB of data is transferred over a 100 Mbps communication line, a line of 100 Mbps seems to be able to transfer about 45 GB of data every hour. Of course this is a story when 100 Mbps full speed comes out. And it took about a full day to finish transferring all 1 TB of data.

In other words, when transferring data exceeding 1 TB, it seems that a person using a FedEx or other home delivery service can transfer it faster. In other words, it is earlier that the storage such as the HDD containing the data is deposited in the courier and delivered directly to the other party.

Incidentally, as one of the interesting stories, it seems that Google uses FedEx when transferring data of the Hubble Astronomical Telescope. This means that data of the Hubble astronomical telescope as long as 120 TB can be transferred within 24 hours by using FedEx, whereas in the case of the line of 100 Mbps mentioned above, about 4 months (111 It takes a day) and it seems to be because 11 Gbps line is needed to transfer in 24 hours like FedEx.

Certainly, considering the maintenance cost of 11 Gbps communication line, FedEx is overwhelming advantageous ....

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