At last the brothers of Megamac were discovered, their name was "Mega Teriyaki Burger"

Previously at GIGAZINEMega Mack's brothers will appear on June 8We informed you that, the detail was announced at last.

It will appear from June 8 "Mega Rice BurgerThat's right. And from today it will also launch the second release celebration campaign.

Details are as below.
There were brothers in that MEGA MAC! Appeared on Friday, June 8! It is!

According to this page, "Mega Teriyaki Burger" is mega-mac's "brothers" released on June 8, 2007, and the price seems to be 330 yen (tax included).

If you say Terriyaki Burger, there is an impression that the ingredients in the middle fall down and it is hard to eat, but maybe "mega rookie" will be harder to eat ....

From today, it is said that the campaign to hit the nationwide release day will be implemented that one million pieces of "Mega Hariri Burger" will be sold as the second campaign until June 7, the day before the release.

MEGA Campaign Vol. 2 "Mega Troyaki" breaks over "Mega Hit" 1 million foods, released nationwide ○ Day! Is it?

By the way it is a campaign that you can get 100 free coupons of "MEGA BROTHERS 2nd bullet" to 10 people by lottery from correct answers, if you apply what the next mega mac will tell you in the last article, Who is the person who got a coupon at the end, what are you going to do with a lot of coupons?

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