Headline news on May 21, 2007

Tomorrow May 22 is the day when Mr. Shuji Nakamura who was a high brightness blue LED inventor was born. Now if you look around, it is popular enough to find products with blue LED, but for blue LEDOne million times as many structural defects as conventional LED materialsThere seems to be. Currently research on ultraviolet diodes is progressed, but will it become popularly popularized, will game machines using even larger capacity media appear?

So, tomorrowMay 22. In 1333, Hojo Takayoshi got angry and the Kamakura Shogunate was destroyed, and in 1903 Suzuki Fujimura committed suicide at Kegon Falls. In 1973, there was "Tokyo Waste War" in which Koto Ward repelled garbage trucks from Suginami Ward, where the construction of cleaning plants did not proceed due to opposition movements. Arthur Conan Doyle, Richard Wagner, famous for "The Nibelung's Finger Ring" in 1813, produced the Detective Sherlock Holmes in 1859, and in 1960 he directed the "Neon Genesis Evangelion" supervisor, Hideaki Anno Was born, and in 337 the emperor of the ancient Roman Empire, Constantine I died.

Today's headline news.

Painful news (No ∀ `): What will you do if one drifts to the uninhabited island?(Life, explore in the meantime)

It is a sure reaction that will always be done as a shudder.(Living, pointing to a finger to a child)

Transfer insignia | Izumi Motoya's Let's Go! Onmyoji(Movie, Masaya Izumi appeared around 3:40 seconds and appeared from 5 minutes 47 seconds to Yin Yang teacher)

@nifty: Daily Portal Z: Limited time · Takenoko no Sato(Food, real village of bamboo shoots, not sweets)

2-channel live coverage police officer class(Comparison table with notes, characters of fiction)

Reason why the Mac command key display is not an apple [Orbium - Sora noodama](Note, because Jobs got furious)

Mr. Hitoshi Matsumoto unexpected booing! But ... Clap after the screening! - Cinema Today | Update movie information everyday(Comedy, is it a movie that can be laughed even by a foreigner?)

Dragon Ball "Kamehame Wave" Contest in Overseas | Toy Channel - Cool Current Affairs Neta ~(Movie, everyone seems to be having fun)

■ (PDF file)Start selling "a little luxury afterbusware" for adult women(Apparel, unusual bathrobe)

Slashdot Japan | Lend the Mt. Fuji Weather Station of Mt. Fuji Summit(Business, to those who want to use the summit of Mt. Fuji)

J-CAST News: "Bakayamaro" once it is safe it will become neck(Business, About Lawfulness in Company)

Changing company name to China Yahoo! is not a word game - the three-pronged horse-drawn reins drawer | Internet | My Mom Journal(Business, changed from Yahoo! China to China Yahoo!)

"The Internet Music Sacred Scriptures That Releases Original Music to the World" - China | Internet | My Computer Journal(Music, 'flooding of low-ranking work, frequent occurrence of copyright infringement, etc. has damaged the sound development of the Internet music of our country' ")

Japan.internet.com Web Business - The number of mixi users exceeded 10 million, female, gender is a majority in twenties(Net service, mixi users are more frequent for women)

Japan.internet.com Daily research - corporate blogs, penetrating through over 10%, nearly half also publicly available(Internet, 50% of corporate blogs being operated are open to the public, 40% are written by the president)

(; ^ Ω ^) (Culture, I want to eat calmly if possible)

Even rain, cloudy weather is a nice night view? - [Night view] All About(Memo, enjoy the ground above the sky)

Takekuma Memo: [Copyright] The outrageous bill is being discussed(Social and copyright laws are in progress to non-petition)

Ancate (Uncategorizable Blog) - Which 250 million milestones Apple paid to JASRAC?(Music, JASRAC has not posted money that should have been received?

SoftBank Mobile | If you turn off the power with a light feeling it is horrible ...(Mobile phone, for non-qualified persons to turn off the home antenna power is against the Radio Law)

Things that tend to use Twitter(Web, day using Twitter)

【Henoko】 Is it possible to attend murder in anti-war peace movement? : Weekly Object(Society, remove the regulator of the diver in operation

Business Media Makoto: Will the "Leaving contact for a week" become commonplace - Bausch & Lomb Pure Vision(Life, it seems that you do not have to remove it even when you go to bed at night)

The smell of the dried futon is said to be the smell of the tick of the tick but(Living, that odor will be done even where there is no tick, so 100% may not be derived from it)

ITmedia News: Google does not know malware(Internet service, dangerous to Google)

"VirusChief" that can check viruses with suspicious files with pinpoints | 100SHIKI.COM(Security, when I find a suspicious file)

Forest of Window - 【NEWS】 English font cursed by ghost of Western style "GhostParty"(Font, looks good for summer)

Big capacity version PlayStation 3, but from Korea - Engadget Japanese(Game, 80GB version PS3 appeared at about 67,000 yen on June 16, but from Korea)

List of fighting games suitable for net fight - Utsada Blog(Game, Street Fighter 2, Fatal Fury Legend 2, KOF 94, etc.)

Game * Spark -: Phantom's "Sonic" video not released(Game, pretty relaxed Sonic)

Game * Spark -: Phantom's "Resident Evil" Movie + bonus video not released(Game, Gameboy version Biohazard)

World Heritage Site of the Alhambre Palace Good - - [Card & Board Game] All About(Game, board game "Alhambre" in airplane and the winner to the real Alhambra Palace)

Is Moba gateown a threat to DS? - [Game Industry News] All About(I often see games, DS also on trains)

Game * Spark -: Tampering remodeled body starts BAN from XboxLive, overseas tag regulation also begins(Game, fulfilling Japanese content as soon as possible)

⊂. Д. ) ⊃ Kaze speed ≡ ≡ ≡ ⊂ ⊂ ゜ Д ゜) One Full Auto | 【Winny end? 】 At the time of net congestion, guideline for communication restriction · Study by Ministry of Internal Affairs 【Do you have it? 】(Web, I guess there is no turn of telephoning ...)

If you think that it is https, if you decide to communicate with http, Firefox can not cancel it often (manager's diary) - む ぅ ぉ ぉ .jp(Web, warning is displayed but can not be interrupted)

@nifty: Daily portal Z: boil rice(If you cook japonica rice like Indica rice, food becomes like Thai rice)

F-35 fighter aircraft helmet mounted display system too scary: Gizmodo Japan (Gizmodo · Japan)(Hardware, neck is going to be trained)

Noodles that can be eaten only at racetracks | Excite News(I did not know the food, existence)

Full of nostalgia! Why do not you try going to a "sweets bar"? Excite News (All-you-can-eat cheap sweets in the store with food and charge fee of 500 yen)

"Cup Noodle Dry Caribbean Seafood Big" New Release(Featuring the spicyness of chili with sweetness and richness with food, coconut milk and mango)

@nifty: Daily portal Z: I ate a menu for dogs at a dog cafe(Food, basically flavor)

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