A very real bridge diorama made with a match stick

Previously at GIGAZINEMade with 7464 matches, like the real Eiffel TowerI took up the bridge, but this time he seems to have made a bridge with a match.

Not only bridges but also rivers and trees are properly arranged around them, making it a pretty respectable diorama.

Details are as follows.
First of all we will prepare matches and design drawings.

I will make a foundation for diorama.

I will make a foundation for the pier and so on.

First of all prepare soil and grass. It seems to be somewhat like it.

Once the foundation of the diorama is completed, I will start making bridges this time.

The pier was completed. Is the back pictures important?

I began to build the foundation of the bridge.

The foundation of the bridge has been completed.

Make a balustrade etc and complete it.

I saw it from another angle. I am well done.

I made it dark and I put on a light. I am scared somewhat.

There are original pictures on the following link.

English Russia >> Bridge Made of Matches

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