Hitachi plans to release 1 TB Blu-ray disc recorder in 2008

Hitachi Australia said that it plans to release 1 TB Blu-ray Disc Recorder in 2008. The price is 2000 dollars (about 240,000 yen).

Details are as follows.
Smarthouse News - 1000 GB Blu-ray Recorder Announced By Hitachi

Hitachi has released the Deskstar 7K1000 series as the world's first 1 TB hard disk even in the direction of hard disks, and seems to be releasing the world's first 1 TB recorder in the department of Blu-ray Disc Recorder.

If the reading / writing speed of the Blu-ray disc is assumed to be 1: 36 Mbps in the future, there seems to be plans to extend it to 288 Mbps which is 8 times in the future, but how much time will it take to read / write 1 TB ...?

Blu - - Blu - ray FAQ How fast can you read / write data on a Blu - ray disc?

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