The PS3 seems to be able to cut down $ 100

According to Taiwanese device makers, it seems that there is room for a new price reduction of up to 100 dollars (about 12,000 yen) this time. This is because Sony subsidiary announced recently that it will be possible to lower the manufacturing unit price by expanding the production of semiconductor lasers used for PS3.

Previously at GIGAZINEThe key to the outcome of PS3 and Xbox 360 is to reduce manufacturing costsI took up the article that, if PS 3 drops in this, will it take momentum to catch up?

Details are as follows.
Production cost of PS3 could be cut by US $ 100

According to this article, it is a wholly owned subsidiary of SonySony Shiroishi Semiconductor Co., Ltd.Has strengthened the production system of blue-violet semiconductor lasers used for Blu-ray and HD DVD drives to 1.7 million monthly, but it can lower the production cost of PS3 by about 100 dollars I am trying to be.

The contents of the announcement made by Sony Shiroishi Semiconductor Co., Ltd. can be found at the following link.

Sony Shiroishi Semiconductor strengthens production system and business of blue-violet semiconductor laser

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