Experimental movie of a methane engine emitting flames like CG

A combustion experiment movie of a rocket engine using liquid methane and liquid oxygen as a propellant, conducted in the Mojave Desert. You can see how a band of light like an optical weapon in the game blows off the desert sand.

Details are as below.
YouTube - Methane Rocket

You can download higher quality movies from the following NASA page.

NASA - Methane Blast

Liquid methane is easier to handle than liquid hydrogen and it seems that there is a possibility that it can replenish outside the earth. However, although the development experiment is successful in the early stage, the practical use in the universe has not yet been reached.

Release on burning experiment is below. This methane engine was developed by XCOR Aerospace under contract with ATK for $ 3.3 million (about 3.9 billion yen), and its name is "5 M 15". It seems that development and testing of regenerated cooled methane engine is planned within 2007 as well.

XCOR Aerospace Begins Test Firing of Methane Rocket Engine

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