What is the identity of the mysterious liquid that freezes just by pouring?

Pouring the liquid in a PET bottle into the container will freeze while we see it. If this liquid is special, it is not so, this is just pure water. So it is not clear if there is a workmanship in the container to be poured This is just glass. It is not so much whether PET bottles have a secret.

Well, look at the movie which should also be said to be "instant ice", how it's going to be like this with what mechanism. Then the seed is from then.
The following is the movie.

YouTube - Supercooling Experiment 4

This phenomenon is called "supercooling", and it has detailed explanation below.

Supercooling - Wikipedia

When some stimulus (vibration etc.) is applied to the water in the supercooled state, it rapidly crystallizes (inoculation frozen). If you are in a bottle you just see it by tapping and frozen and trying to transfer it to another container will pill and freezes while forming columnar ice.

If it says something special equipment is necessary to reproduce this state, there is not such a thing, it is easy and comparable. Since the way of experiment is posted on the following page for your reference.

Freezing point of water and supercooling phenomenon

That is to say that it does not freeze quickly as soon as it gets 0 degrees, which is the point. Also,It is easy to overcool without core coagulationIt seems to be.

There are other movies like this. Interesting.

YouTube - Supercooling Experiment 2

YouTube - Supercooling Experiment 3

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