A picture of those who pursued comfortable personal life

It is a picture of the people who pursued their own comfortable personal computer life, such as surrounded by a lot of personal computers and monitors, and remodeling familiar furniture to personal computers.

There are many terrible sight, but perhaps some people think that it is the ideal environment.

Details are as follows.
Duplicator that can duplicate CD and DVD so much. It looks like a vendor who is making pirated editions.

A monitor that can cover a wide range of vision.

Is it an item that you can concentrate by completely cutting the surrounding landscape?

Is it an office or study? By the way GIGAZINE editorial department is not messy so far.

It seems to be a game helmet developed by Toshiba that can display 360 degrees.

I do not know what happened, apparently it seems to be a catastrophe.

Piano type desktop.

Do you monitor eight monitors by yourself?

I think that it is better to change the case.

Typing is faster by removing all obstructive key tops.

Very relaxing PC. This might be nice.

I thought that it was a microwave, actually it was a monitor.

There are other pictures on the link below.

Pictures of Geek Culture

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