I was surprised by the texture of "crushing Hi-chew"

On April 10 Morinaga tried to eat "muzzu Hijiku" which is newly released with a retail price of 70 yen and embeds mysterious grains in high chow. The UHA taste party's "Putty" is popular if it is one that embeds other confectionery in soft candy, did it compete with it?

Details are as below.
Morinaga Hai Chu - Collapsing High Chew

Blue package is ramune taste.

The green one is melon taste.

The wrapping paper is the same as other Hi-chees. There are seven each.

Inside is like this.

Grains can be seen through.

I cut it.

Those in the grain are like ramune.

Although I tried to eat it, I am really crisp with a tough feeling unexpectedly. It was surprising as I did not expect that this solid grain was contained. At first it seems uncomfortable as when shells were contained in egg dishes that failed but you can enjoy an interesting texture when you get used to it. The taste is like taste like gum or powdered juice, it feels like sweets. If you like sweets, I think that it is worth to eat once.

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