Lawson limited, I tried Nissin's new series Tonkotsu Ramen

Reproducing "special ramen" of Tokyo · Kasai "noodle shop Yumeji Usagi" with the first of Nissin's new series ramen "Nisshin Ramen Movement" which is sold at Lawson only from Tuesday, March 27 I tried the "special bow-tongo dumplings Tonkotsu" which reproduced "Lucky Ramen" of "Dynasty Fish and Seafood Pork Bone Soy Sauce Ramen" and "Don Tonkotsu Lucky Man" at Osaka · Sakai.

By the way, this series is a series that introduces the taste of ramen shops nationwide, Mr. Hirofumi Osaki, a man who self-called Japanese first ramen. It looks delicious.

Details are as follows.
This time I will make two at the same time. These two ramens are unusual ramen that put powder soup, liquid soup, milk etc., wait for 4 minutes after putting hot water.

"Special bow man ago and tonkotsu". It looks very dense.

Powdered soup and liquid soup, baked pigeon and kayaku were included.

Put the baked pigs. I'll stop here for this noodle once.

Next, I will make "Lively Fish and Seafood Pork Bone Sooty Ramen". It is unusual for the Tonkotsu noodles of the fish series.

Inside are powder soup and liquid soup, baked pigs and baked paste.

Just put burned pigs here as well.

Wait for 4 minutes with hot water. Both heat up the liquid soup on the lid.

"Special bow man ago and tonkotsu". First put the powder soup and stir well.

Then add liquid soup and mix.

Finally finish and finish.

"Melting fish and shellfish pork bone soy sauce ramen" put powder soup and liquid soup at the same time and mix.

Finally baked paste and finished.

Although I tried eating, "Matsuno Manzai Tonkotsu Tonkotsu", contrary to the rich soup with thick, the taste was of a very orthodox Tonkotsu Ramen. Blue leek has become an accent of taste, feeling that you can eat deliciously with confidence.

Next, it is towards "Lily Fish and Seafood Pork Bone Soy Sauce Ramen", but a soup with a mysterious flavor as if the bonito soup is somehow included in the taste of the Tonkotsu. There is nothing wrong, evaluation may be divided. Other editorial staff said "strange taste", but it was a taste not bad personally.

By the way I felt that neither item was satisfactory either. I feel that I wanted soup to be luxurious, I wanted to work harder a little more.

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