Dream competition "Mario & Sonic in Beijing Olympics (Tentative)" on sale

Sega and Nintendo are willing to cooperate to create a game where Mario and Sonic compete. The corresponding hardware is scheduled to be released within the year by Wii and Nintendo DS.

It seems to be a game where you enjoy the Olympic Games using characters that appear in Mario and Sonic games, but does this unique character play an ordinary game?

Details are as below.
Cooperate with Sega and Nintendo game software "Mario & Sonic in Beijing Olympics (Tentative)" Production and Sales

Sports events are 100 meters on the ground, swimming competitions, table tennis and so on. Besides Mario and Sonic, Luigi, Knuckles, Yoshi, Tails, etc. seem to come out.

It is said that SEGA will be sold in the West and Nintendo in Japan.

The Western version already has the official website. It seems to be on Christmas 2007.


For Mario and Sonic, well-known names are also quite different now, but it seems to be a game that can not be overlooked for old-fashioned game fans.

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