A variety of pictures of insects taken with macro

Macro shootingAlthough it is so-called close-up photography, there is something quite difficult due to the depth of field problem even if focusing is done, and it is hard for the subject to shift and shake quickly even if the subject moves slightly. If you narrow down the aperture as much as you can, you can shoot the entire image well without blurring, but since the shutter speed slows down, you need to pay close attention.

So, I tried collecting various pictures of taking insects with macro shooting which is difficult to shoot. You will see a completely different world just because the size is different.

Appreciation is from the following.
First off from Flickr. There are more than 3000 sheets at the moment. too amazing.
Insect / bug Macros - a photoset on Flickr

Sites that are shooting macros by insect type. The state of a mosquito while sucking blood is interesting.
Insects & amp; Spiders Photo Gallery by Mark Plonsky at pbase.com

There are many macros photographs of tremendously strange insects.
Photos by Igor Siwanowicz

Also, at this forum, we take pictures taken by macro and bring them together.

Macro World - FM Forums

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