How to get off the long escalator of the subway quickly

Who is impatient or not in time? There are people who are running down an escalator, but this movie shows us the technique of getting off less than 10 seconds faster.

Details are as below.
This escalator is located at Angel station in London subway, height 27.4 m, length 60 m. Because it is extremely dangerous, please never manage it.
YouTube - Guys Skis Down Tube Escalator

It will take about 1 minute and 20 seconds if you are on a regular ride.
YouTube - The Longest Escalator in Western Europe

And when you look at long escalators, there seems to be something you really want to do.

A person running up the descending escalator of Angel station. But down in the middle.
YouTube - Angel Reverse Escalator Challenge

People who challenge themselves with equipment.
YouTube - Up the down (Angel Tube)

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