The game "Missile 3D" flying as missiles do not hit the wall

It becomes a missile and fly a stage like a long cylinder. Since the wall with a hole is turning in part where it fly, it goes through the hole part. It will become difficult as missiles accelerate rapidly.

Access is from the following.
WiiCade || Missile 3D

title screen. Since you use a mouse to move the missile, let's adjust for sharpness to make it easier to do. Because it is a game of WiiCade it may be possible to play with Wii.

At the beginning is a practice stage. I grab the feeling here.

The position of your aircraft is displayed at the bottom left, but you probably can not afford to watch during the game.

It passes through like this.

Missiles explode when they hit.

The speed increases steadily. The practice is around 30, but at level 6 it exceeds 130.

Game over at the end of level 6.

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