Beautiful photos taken from the cockpit

Rare pictures of Russian commercial pilots. If you make an airplane with a transparent material, it may become possible for ordinary customers to take pictures like these.

Details are as below.
An amazing amount of clouds.

Moon and wing.

It is a fantastic scenery.


The sun that gives off a strong light from under the clouds.

Moscow in the night.

A canyon in the evening.

Sunset and town.

sea ​​of ​​clouds.

The shore which seems to have cut off.

A sunset glowing the world red.

Is this a river?

Night cockpit.

Clouds are reflected in the sea.

Red Moon.

Chick pilot.

Crayfish pilot.

Pilot that can fly by yourself.

Grasshopper pilot.

Washington is a pilot.

A double rainbow.

Airport at night.

Airport runway.

The source of the airplane cloud.

Cloud like smoke.

Other photos are from below.

Letchik Leha photography

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