Free firmware "Tomato Firmware" to enhance wireless LAN access point

For various wireless LAN access points (wireless LAN broadband routers and nomenclature) currently available on the market, anything like a control panel that changes the setting regarding its function is attached, but by switching it Feature of alternative firmware that can be used for free so that you can use the features you did not have.

The current wireless LAN broadband router will be equipped with the same function as a high-end machine of tens of thousands of yen class, and further functions may be added.

So this time we will take up the free alternate firmware "Tomato Firmware" that can be used with such a good use. Details are below. I also collected other free alternate firmware.
LinksysWRT 54 G / GL / GS series, BUFFALO'sWHR-G 54 SandWHR-HP-G 54The following firmware is available in "Tomato Firmware".

Tomato Firmware |

Graphical usage of bandwidth, use of QoS function, access restriction function by MAC address and date and time, WDS function, great increase in the number of connections when using large number of connections such as P2P, custom script, use of telnet / ssh, DDNS, PPTP , NAT function etc, mountain functions are carried.

There is also a commentary on easy-to-understand screen by Flash.

Access restriction function

Graphing function of bandwidth usage, browseable by day and month. It can also be viewed in real time.

Switch to wireless client mode

This Tomato Firmware is firmware using Linux, it is based on the released source code of WRT 54 GL, adding various codes and adding functions.

The version that works is as follows. WRT 54 G / WRT 54 GS currently on sale has version 5.0, so beware that it can not be used. How to check the versionHere.

Linksys WRT 54 G
Linksys WRT 54 GS 1.0 to 4.0
Linksys WRT 54 GL 1.0, 1.1
Buffalo WHR-G 54 S
Buffalo WHR-HP-G 54

To install, simply update the firmware from the setting screen of each wireless LAN broadband router and specify "Tomato Firmware" downloaded at that time. Use is self-responsibility.

There are many other firmware that can be used at no cost. There may be something available on my own stock.

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