Do you know the iPhone's root password?

I do not quite understand how it happenedFirmware leaksFrom that firmwareCPU model number is knownIt is an iPhone that gets fiddled with various things, but this time it seems that the root password and user password of the built-in OS are broken.

In the meantime, it seems that by defeating the password as the purpose, it is intended to make it possible to use iPhone which most functions can not be used unless a line contract is made, without a line contract. If this is realized, iPhone may be able to use once in Japan, apart from the call function etc.

Details are as follows.
IPhone Root Password Cracked - Hackint 0 sh

Break DMG Password - The iPhone Dev Wiki

As long as I live in Japan, even if I purchase an iPhone at the moment, I can not use the line at all because I can not use a line contract in the first place, as a possible way I can actually ask a person living in the United States to buy an iPhone, contract a line, Although it seems that it can manage somehow by canceling it with the iPhone body sent, if Apple seems to invalidate the activation seems to be thinking, it is a situation where it is not allowed to predict.

Against this backdrop, it seems that the above-mentioned wiki, forums etc. have extensively studied from deciphering passwords vigorously to finally unlocking iPhones.

Probably when it is released in Japan it should have accumulated quite a lot of know-how, so it may be possible to make it an iPhone full of customized from the beginning to strengthen by usage.

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