Vividly painted cat

Pictures of painted cats with considerable hands. It seems there are cats costing $ 15,000 (1.8 million yen) to paint. Moreover, since it has to paint again every 3 months, if it is trying to maintain paint it will cost $ 60,000 per year (7.2 million yen). It seems that cats fashionably cost money.

Is this permission of the principal (= cat) gotten ... ?.

Details are as below.

The sparkling cat of the moon and the star.

Any time you smile.

A cat with a check pattern.

Pro golfer monkey pattern.

It looks so great.

Extremely flashy.

An American cat.

Spinning bearded cat.

Piano handle.

Heart face.

A short giraffe in the neck.

A butterfly mask.

Skull handle for Halloween.


A cat whose appearance is astringent.

A cat that seems to be a vector.

It looks like another creature.

Other pictures can be seen from the following.

Ueba - Painted Cats

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