Various animals expressed by lips painting

Formerly, taking advantage of the shape of human handsA hand painted graphically depicting animals as if they were aliveI have posted something like, but American college studentsPaige ThompsonA series of lip painting that Mr. san thought while painting his lips in front of a mirror was a work depicting cute animals and popular game characters with vivid colors. It is also attractive to change the expression of animals by moving their lips.

Pictures are from the following.Lips by viridis-somnio on deviantART

This "Bumble Bee" is the first work of the animal series "Animal-ipstick". Thompson, who originally shoots his own lips as a theme, thought that when he painted his lips yellow for another work, he thought of drawing feathers and streaks after the shoot finished is.

By the way, the work that was filming at that time is here. The title is "Harvest Moon".

"Chameleon (Chameleon)". It seems that they use Face Paint which is sold for Halloween in the work.

The outline of "Crab (crab)" is edged with a brown eyeliner.

"Panda (panda)"

I was surprised.

"Fox (fox)"

Various facial expressions of the fox.

"Black Cat (black cat)"

Cats are more expressive than foxes. I also feel that Paige's expression is reflected as it is, such as a surprised face, angry face, smiling face that smiled.

This is not exactly an animal, but it is a cute "Pikachu (Pikachu)".

In addition to this, you can see many of Paige Thompson 's works on lips based on the following links.

Lips by viridis-somnio on deviantART

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