The highest bridge in the world, "Miyo Bridge", with her face on the sea of ​​clouds

Millau bridge near Millau in southern France is known as the world's tallest bridge. The height from the ground to the road is 270 m in the highest part and 343 m in the highest tower, so it is surprising to say that it is higher than the Tokyo Tower and the Eiffel Tower. This Millau bridge crosses the top of the valley and it is easy to generate river fog early in the valley, so it can be seen as a bridge floating above the sea of ​​clouds.

Details are as follows.
A crane that stands above the clouds.

A bridge floating in a cloudy sea.

Viaduc_millau on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Night scenery.

Shade and shine.

It is a dazzling height.

I do not want to do it even if there is a lifeline.

It seems like I'm getting into the ocean.

A white cable is beautiful.

A bridge that passes straight above the sea of ​​clouds. Although it looks straight, it seems to be a loose curve so as not to give the driver a feeling of terror because there is a subtle inclination.

Under construction. It seems that it made it by assembling the pier first and pushing it to the middle finally.
Millau_Viaduct_construction_south on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Other pictures can be seen from the following.

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A movie that passes through the Millau Bridge at Harley Davidson.
YouTube - Bike the Bridge at Millau

Drive Millau Bridge.
Super Car Comparison - Google Video

I look up at the bridge from the bottom.
YouTube - Below the Millau Viaduct

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