Various wallpapers not adopted in Windows Vista

Wallpaper included in Windows VistaThere are many things that are very impressive compared with Windows XP or earlier, even wallpapers that have been included from the beginning have become reasonably satisfactory levels. So, as for who created this wallpaper, it seems that they received an offer from an amateur photographer positively posting on the photo sharing community site "Flickr" and so on.

So, wallpapers that were not adopted in Windows Vista are released on Flickr. Even though it was not adopted, the quality is not necessarily low, it seems probably that he had no choice but to cry out with a decision of bitterness.

Download wallpaper from below.
Windows Vista - a photoset on Flickr

All the above pictures were taken for the wallpaper of Vista, the first two were actually adopted, the rest became a vandalism. The quality is very high even if it is said to be a bot. This amateur photographerHamad DarwishHere is an interview to the.

Interview with Hamad Darwish, Flickr photographer shooting Vista wallpapers - istartedsomething

He is 24 years old and was born in Kuwait. He went to the United States in 2001, got a degree in 2006 and returned home, he is now also a network administrator of the X - ray engineer and medical imaging department. While I was publishing photos on Flickr, MicrosoftDesign departmentI heard a voice from you. At that time I was still in the US, the shooting location was Oregon. Although it seems that bad weather overlapped, it seems that shooting could not be done easily, but the weather recovered before the submission deadline, we applied for a vacation to the boss, borrowed a car and took a picture at several spots that had been watching from a long time ago That's right.

Total time taken to shoot this wallpaper was 10 to 12 days in total, about 6000 shots in total. It seems that we have carefully selected 15 of them and sent it to Microsoft. The picture including 15 of them is now open to the public on Flickr.

The camera used for shooting is Kore.

Canon: EOS 20D

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