Color pallet ranking contribution site "COLOURlovers"

A site that votes for the color palette designed by various users, and you can see the data. Each color has a name, and the color palette that is a combination also has a name all. The score of the color palette is decided by user voting, and you can see what kind of color combination is popular. In addition, you can search the color palette under various conditions, HEX and RGB are also displayed, so it is useful when you are confused about the color scheme.

Details are as follows.
COLOURlovers Coup.0 :: Color Trends & amp; Palettes

Among them, quite fun is the corner of the trend that extracts color palettes based on the cover design of existing magazines.

COLOURlovers Coup.0 :: Trends

For example, this is "VOGUE".
VOGUE December 06

In the case of "GQ".
GQ December 06

In the case of "ELLE".
Elle November 06

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