USB memory "IronDrive" that can withstand the shock of US military purveyor's nuclear explosion level

It is a USB memory developed for US Army and US Marine Corps, and it seems that it can withstand the impact of high temperature, corrosive chemicals, flooding, radio wave interference and nuclear explosion grade.

The marvelous specs and prices are as follows.
Introducing Iron Drive Ruggedized USB Memory Drive

It has a total length of 4 inches (about 10 cm) and weighs 164 g. The standard capacity is 1 GB, but from 32 MB to 4 GB are available. Transfer with USB 2.0, loading at 20 MB / s, writing at 10 MB / s. MTBF (mean time to failure) is 4.66 million hours. The number of rewritable times is 5 million times, and error detection / correction (EDC / ECC) algorithm is also adopted. It can be encrypted with DES / 3DES, SHA-1, RSA, AES. Operable temperature is minus 40 degrees to 85 degrees when operating, minus 55 degrees to 95 degrees when not operating. It passed the performance test MIL-STD-810E adopted for US defense military goods, it corresponds to military USB connection.

Although it is a price to worry, as a result of actually inquiring, it is 700 dollars per gigabyte (about 83,000 yen), the delivery date will be from 60 days to 75 days. It seems that this is because it gives priority to the demand from the army. Therefore, although it can not be guaranteed in a few months, it may be reduced to about 500 dollars.

What sort of USB memory does the Japanese Self Defense Force use?

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