"Predominantly" will choose the album of the same jacket as the clicked color

The jacket of the CD album is the same as the cover of the magazine, it becomes "the face of goods", there are many different designs depending on the music genre and musicians as well. "Predominantly"Is a service that searches and displays albums using that color from iTunes when you select a color and just clicks on the color with a poppychip and you can see which color is used for what kind of musician's album, It is a content that lets you learn jacket designs and colors in a playful sense.


When opening the above URL, a page with the gradation of the color like the image below is displayed on the whole page.

Click on the blue part to try.

Then, the album using the clicked color for the jacket is displayed as Zurut. The color code of the clicked color is also displayed, this time it was "Primary Blue" and the color code was "0804F9".

If you select one from the album, it will display the recorded songs. Also, when you click "View in iTunes" ......

Because it opens iTunes product page of the selected album, it can also purchase as it is.

If you click on various colors, the number of albums using pink series colors is too small ......

You can understand which colors are popular for use in jackets, such as a lot of red albums.

You can choose your favorite color and analyze what musicians are using and analyze.

You can also click on the color, watch the jacket flattery, buy jackets.

If you are watching Predominantly, you can understand that there are also trends in jacket colors depending on music genres and musicians. If you examine the album's total sales and color trends, it seems that you can do different ways of enjoying it.

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