A 3D engine "Papervision 3 D" operating in Flash

It is a 3D engine that can run in Flash 8 and Flash 9, optimized for Flash 8 Image API, it features a very smooth and smooth operation. It also supports full-screen mode, which is now available from Flash 9, enabling a wide variety of expressions in ActionScript, such as panoramas of 360 degrees, 3D spaces that move around in motion, and so on. It is scheduled to be offered in open source of MIT license.

The actual operation demo is from the following.
Demos << Papervision3D

History << Papervision3D

Ricardo cabello * about * Another PV3D performance test *

Panoramic demo of 360 degrees. There is FPS display, etc. When clicking on the lower right, it is in full screen mode. It moves very lightly compared with QuickTimeVR.

Papervision 3D Panorama

Demonstration that it will be tremendous if you move it according to the sound. I am working as a visual effect, but it is the point that I am moving as a 3D engine. Three types with source files.
Ricardo cabello * about * Papervision 3 D + compute Spectrum = Nice audio visualisations *

Detailed explanations on various uses etc. are detailed below.

Mr.doob's log

The following site also has a commentary. You can also download PaperVision 3D.

BLITZ Labs the BLITZ Agency Blog >> Blog Archive >> Paper Visions Come to Life in 3D Flash

The official website is below.


Open Source Flash - papervision 3d

The download has not officially begun, but it is available from the following.


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