Morning Glory Pools Natural Hot Spring like a Morning Glory

It is a hot spring pool in Yellowstone National Park designated as the first national park in the world. Although it is called a hot spring, it is not a temperature that people can enter, but the central part has become a beautiful blue color because of the high temperature at which bacteria can not live. Different bacteria depending on the temperature live in the surrounding area, so the gradation is completed naturally.

Details are as below.Fresh Pics: Morning Glory Pool

Looking at a movie like this.
YouTube - morning glory, yellowstone

It is the beauty that seems to come out even if I throw an ax. However, tourists who have bad manners regularly cleaning coins, stones, garbage etc. to throw into the pool.

Even if you throw trash, there is no benefit, so let's notice that the flow of water is bad and the temperature changes and you can not see beautiful blue color.

The official website of Yellowstone National Park is here.
Yellowstone National Park - Yellowstone National Park (U.S. National Park Service)

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