A female teacher is charged with imprisonment for 40 years on the responsibility of opening an adult site popup

A pop-up window was opened from the PC during the class, whereby 10 students were charged with the responsibility and moral responsibility guided to the adult site, a female teacher at a certain school in the United States was sentenced to imprisonment for 40 years from the prosecution It is.

Details as to how such a ridiculous situation became in what circumstances are as follows.
Steve Bass's Tips & Tweaks Woman Faces 40 Years for Porn - Infected PC (Crazy, but True)

The stage is the place called Norwich in Connecticut. Sometimes On October 19, 2004, when substitute teacher Julie Amero was teaching the language of Kelly Middle School's seventh grader (equivalent to junior first grader to second grader), there were some students around the personal computer It seems he was gathering and chuckling. Amero thought about something, as hardcore porn pop-up windows were opening one after another.

The prosecution authorities insisted that this was because "she was visiting the porn site on that computer." On the contrary, the prosecution's argument is not a fact, the spyware and malware (malicious software) are intruding into the computer many times, and pop-up windows of the pornographic site are opened one after another by those spyware I just claimed that Amero had no sin.

And she refused judicial dealings. As a result, the prosecution is to be sentenced to 40 years in prison. Judgment will be made on March 2 of this year.

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