When putting a police car made of cardboard, the car slowly

In Nelson, New Zealand, it seems that cars came to suppress speed as long as a police car made by cutting out cardboard was placed beside the road, which was effective in strengthening traffic safety.

It seems that it is more likely to be distinguished from far away, so it seems better than a signboard like speed dropping.

Details are as below.
Cardboard cop car gets results

This cardboard patrol car is made by Fulton Hogan company and actually has a model of $ 1000 (about 120,000 yen). Mr. Mike Gibney from Fulton Hogan measured the speed of the car using a speed gun and it seems there was a speed down of 15 km / h on average. Some people drop from 78 km / h to 38 km / h, and many drivers rush to wear a seatbelt.

The website of Fulton Hogan is here. I am doing a wide range of road related work.

Fulton Hogan

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