Check if "Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor" can install Vista

It's "Windows Vista" which will be released at 0:00 am on January 30 at the end of the next week, but most anxiety points are pointed out that "Does it work on handheld computers in the first place?" Therefore, we can use free software "Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor" which Microsoft is offering. After installing this software and installing it after connecting any peripheral devices you normally use, is it possible to install Vista or not, which edition is best for installing? We will inspect and tell you.

That's why I tried installing it from a single end on the personal computer in GIGAZINE editorial department. Would it be helpful if you have a machine with similar specifications.
Download from below. Because the Japanese version has been announced that it will be released in January, it may be about to come out next week.

Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor

Click on it to download it

Click "Run"

Click "Next"

Check "I Agree" and click "Next"

Click "Next"

Click "Next"

Wait for the installation to finish. It will be over soon.

Click "Close" to start up

Click "Start Scan"

Scanning .... If you fail in the middle and return to the previous screen, start the operation as usual by exiting the software once and starting it again.

Click "See Details" when finished

In Panasonic 's CF - W 2, "Business" was selected as a recommendation. You may choose the edition you want. Then click on "See Details" on the lower side to get details

The one with the red cross is a bad point unless it is improved before installation. In this case, there seems to be insufficient free space on C drive and D drive. It seems to require about 15 GB of free space to install. Also, the yellow triangle is an item that needs updating. In this case, because the video card is poor, you can not use the Aero interface. Other than that, CPU, memory, DVD drive has no problem.

Click "Devices" to see the hardware compatibility. On the hardware side, it seems there is a necessity of updating, since the driver of the current CD / DVD drive can not be recognized after installation.

"Programs" shows software problems. As a result, this personal computer is seriously more serious than software. It means that activation is impossible if it is set to Vista that the red cross is attached. The yellow triangle is still a category that can be dealt with by updating it.

Finally clicking on "Task List" summarizes the results and displays the current machine specifications and unnecessary points for the selected Vista edition. Click on 'Save report' in the upper right to be put together into one file so you can look back later.

If you click "Save", you can save it in any place.

By the way, as for the compatibility etc of software etc., since the experimental results of volunteers are summarized in the following site, please refer to it.

Supported software - Windows Vista Wiki

Supported Games - Windows Vista Wiki

Driver - Windows Vista Wiki

Below, the result of execution on the personal computer in GIGAZINE editorial department.

For Panasonic's CF-W 5 LWVAXP

In case of homebrew desktop

Fujitsu's FMVNX 90 MW case

For Panasonic's CF-R3EW1AXR

In the case of NEC's PC-LL3909D

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