Obesity = multi-perspiration = strong axillal odor (bad odor) is "lie"

As a part of Mandom's core brand of "Gatsby", as a part of tackling research and development in the field of men's body care, a survey on the awareness of the body odor of Japanese men from the ages of 10 to 60 and survey on body odor (sensuous odor) As a result of the evaluation, it seems that it is understood that obesity = poly-sweat = armpit odor (bad odor) as a common image is strong is "lie". "Fat = = sweat = odor" seems to be only prejudice.

So, what is it all about, the details are as follows.
Mandom Co., Ltd. | Mandom "Research on moderate Japanese male's armpit odor (bad odor)" What is its consciousness and reality?

According to this, there is no correlation between obesity and odor, and there is no correlation between perspiration and odor.

According to the questionnaire results, it seems that the two major body odors of Japanese men are "42 o'clock odor (poisoning odor)" and "bad breath" 38%. In addition, the Japanese male's armpit odor type is divided mainly into three types, and it seems that there are many odors like "milky", "like curry spice" and "sour like" odor. Other than that there are "watery odor" "smell like steamed meat fat" "smell like mold". Clearly it is a bad guy ... ....

In fact, although research suggests that this mechanism of odor is due to a decrease in basal metabolism due to aging and changes in secretory components, further research is suggested because there are many unclear points It seems necessary.

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